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Your greatest enemy comes from a breach in your roof. When a storm hits and the roofing gets damaged, your whole house is vulnerable from the leaking roof. That is when we respond immediately. Roof King provides solutions for all types of residential roof repair and installation projects. No job is too big or too small for us.
When your need is right NOW, our response is right NOW.

Which Roofing Service Are You Looking For?

Leaking Roof Repairs

Roof leaks can be caused by any number of things, but in the Carolinas, a leading cause is storms with heavy winds. The wind damages your shingles, exposing parts of your roof through cracks in your roof shingles. Water can now find its way under your shingles and in to your home!
roof and gutters in the rain

How do I know if I have a leak? A good indicator is water damage on your ceiling. Take an inventory of any water damage you’ve already experienced so you can identify when new leaks have occurred. Next, look for ice near your gutter. This may be the culprit.

Shouldn’t my roof prevent a leak even during a storm? A newer roof installed by a reputable contractor like Roof King should have quality sealant, flashing and shingles to prevent shingle damage & water from entering your home. Roof maintenance can help prevent these issues in older homes.

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Hail Damaged Roof Shingles

If your roof has been damaged by hail, your homeowner’s insurance could buy you a new roof. Call us at Roof King for a free inspection to see if you qualify!

Most citizens are unaware of their roof damage caused by hail storms. The pictures here are examples of what insurance companies look for when approving your roof repair claim. A roof has an average life of 20 years, hail damage causes the average life span of a roof to decrease dramatically. Roofs are installed with a shingle manufacturing warranty guaranteeing anywhere from 20 to 40 years. Roof King is here to help you through every step of the process to get your roofing service costs covered by your insurance.

Wind Damaged Roof Shingles

Wind storms like Hurricance Florence can cause significant damage to your roofing without even being visible to the eye. If you’re in Wilmington, you could have cracked shingles from the wind or sections that have been blown off completely. Missing shingles exposes your home to other elements such as rain and snow which can ultimately cause further damage. If your roof survived the storm, there are steps you can take to prolong its lifespan. Roof King is an expert at handling this type of damage and getting it approved by your insurance for service!

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Is A Roof Replacement Right For You?

Whether your existing roof acquired damage from a storm or it’s simply getting to the end of its lifespan, you may be considering getting your roof replaced. While some roof damage can be fixed without a full shingle replacement, we recommend taking advantage of insurance claims to go towards a replacement if a new roof is something you have been considering.

Although shingle repairs can be easier on your wallet, it should only be used as a short term solution. Being homeowners ourselves, we understand that your home is your biggest investment. That’s why we strive to ensure that your home is fully protected so you don’t have to worry about further damage down the line.

Does Your Home Have Skylights?

When replacing a roof, the manufacturer ALWAYS recommends to replace your skylights as well. When roofer installs a new roof, the seal around the skylights can become broken. This is one of the top areas of leakage during a storm.

Insurance Companies We Cover For Roof Replacements:

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