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Hurricane Florence was a category 1 storm when it made landfall in eastern North Carolina on September 14, 2018. It stalled over North Carolina and parts of Virginia and South Carolina, causing widespread devastation due to the enormous amount of rain it dumped onto this region as well as storm surge. Coastal areas flooded from intense rain and storm surge and inland areas experienced flash flooding and swollen rivers. While flooding was a primary concern and a major contributor to the $36 billion in damages from Hurricane Florence, many homeowners also had wind and roof damage. While Hurricane Florence was a huge rain event, it still packed a punch with the wind. Many areas other than Wilmington and the coast received storm damage. Wind and rain produced roof damage in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh as well. Have you checked your roof since the storm?

How Do You Know Your Roof Is Damaged in Raleigh?

Because a hurricane wouldn’t be a hurricane without high winds, hurricanes are often to blame for roof damage. Wind and debris can impact your home by damaging or tearing off your roof’s shingles. Here’s a couple of things to look for when assessing the possibility of roof damage:
Check around your home for shingles that may have blown off your roof
If you feel comfortable using a ladder to inspect your roof, take visual inspection for torn or missing shingles
If you see a leak on your ceiling or in your attic, it’s a safe bet you’ll need roof repairs.

What Should You Do If You Have Roof Damage in Greensboro?

If you believe Hurricane Florence left you with a damaged roof, there are a couple things you should do. First, call your insurance company and have an adjuster come out and assess any damage. Once the adjuster completes their inspection, you can start to get estimates. Most insurance companies require a certain number of estimates, so be sure to ask your insurance company how many estimates you need to provide. Once the insurance company has approved your claim, choose your roofing company and begin the repair process.
Roof King is happy to help you with all your roofing concerns. We’ll make sure you have the insurance documentation you need, and we will provide top quality repair for your home.
Keep in mind, the holidays are a great time to schedule your inspection and begin work. Holidays are typically a little slower than the rest of the year. So, it’s a great time to schedule an appointment and have repairs completed in a shorter amount of time.

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Your roof is the most important part of your home. It literally “puts a roof over your head” and provides shelter for you and your family. With that being said, it’s important to take steps in order to keep your roof in good condition for many years. So how can you prolong the lifespan of your roof? Here are Roof King’s top four tips to ensure you have a quality roof over your head for many years.

Clean your gutters in Charlotte, NC

Nobody likes cleaning their gutters, but you know what’s even worse? Having to replace your roof. Yes, clogged gutters will trap large amounts of water, and this water can eventually damage your roof. For most homeowners in the Charlotte area, cleaning the gutter once in the fall and spring is enough to allow proper water flow away from the roof.

Schedule roof maintenance with Roof King

Without proper maintenance, there’s a far higher chance that small damages to your roof could quickly turn into major problems for your home. When it comes to your roof, it’s better not to take chances. Call Roof King today to schedule your spring roof maintenance in Charlotte, NC!

Cut branches and limbs

One of the biggest threats to your roof is overhanging tree branches and limbs. Make sure all branches are trimmed back so that that don’t pose an immediate threat to your roof. This can prevent catastrophic damage to your entire home as well.

Clean debris off roof

A clean roof is far more likely to resist damage over the years than one that is littered in natural debris. Take time to use a leaf blower and remove any small twigs, leaves, and nuts from your roof shingles. As with any time you’re on the roof, always exercise extreme caution when cleaning off debris.

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We’ve already seen our first snowfalls of the season throughout North Carolina, and more winter weather is sure to be on its way. And while it’s never good to have a roof leak, there’s probably no worse time for this to happen than during wintry conditions. So why is your roof leaking this winter, and how can you stop it? Roof King has the answers.

How to tell if your roof is leaking in Charlotte

In order to stop a roof leak, you have to be able to spot it quickly. The most obvious sign is dripping water. If you can physically see water dripping in your home, the roof is leaking. In addition, look for water stains on the ceilings in your home. Finally, be wary of mold growth. Mold and mildew are both indicators of a leaking roof.

Roof leak due to ice jam in Raleigh

So, you’ve determined that your roof is leaking. But why is this happening? Well, roof leaks can happen for various reasons. However, a roof leak in winter is more than likely due to an ice dam. Ice dams occur after winter storms. A large layer of ice forms near the gutter, creating a natural dam that prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The water then moves underneath the shingles and into the home.

Professional roof maintenance from Roof King

Fortunately, ice dams are manageable. For starters, improved insulation can reduce the likelihood of ice dams. If your attic is too warm, it will heat the roof, causing snow to melt faster and pool up behind the ice. Also, quality shingles, flashing and sealant on the roof exterior can make a big difference in how much water leaks through. No matter what the issue is, Roof King has you covered. Our professional roofing experts will make sure your home is equipped with the right materials to keep it warm and dry all winter long in the Piedmont.

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A well-maintained roof is crucial for keeping your home safe and comfortable for years to come. Therefore, it’s critical that you choose the right company for your roof repair or installation. Read for some helpful tips to choose the best roofing contractor for your home.

Look at reviews

The most simple way to eliminate any subpar roofing contractors from consideration is to read online reviews. Read reviews to get an honest assessment of a contractor from countless people just like yourself. Check out reviews on sites like HomeAdvisor, Facebook, Google and the Better Business Bureau to get a better idea of who you could potentially be doing business with. If they don’t have average ratings of four stars or higher, they’re not good enough for you (or your roof!).

Best roofing contractor services in Charlotte

Your roof is important, but it’s just one of the countless elements of your home that require service. However, there’s no need to seek out a different contractor for each home maintenance call you have to make. The best roofing contractor is one who offers a wide array of services to meet all your home maintenance needs. Look for contractors that provide installation, repair, painting and cleaning for your gutters, siding and windows.

Solar energy in Raleigh, NC

Solar energy allows you to significantly reduce your energy consumption. This will lower your energy bills, saving you thousands of dollars, in addition to minimizing your environmental impact. Whether it’s your financial savings over the next few decades or the condition of the environment and planet, your roofing contractor should be forward-facing and looking towards the future.

Roofing insurance companies

You’ve spent days researching and comparing different providers and finally found what seems like the best roofing contractor for your home. You get a reasonable quote and are about to schedule your service when you realize they don’t take your insurance. Talk about frustrating! Choosing a contractor can be time-consuming; it doesn’t need to be made any more difficult. Find out which insurance companies the contractor does business with first and foremost to see if they’re right for you.

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This time of year can be rough on roofs in our area. Not only is summer in Charlotte hot, it’s humid as well. Read on to see how summer heat affects your roof, and Roof King’s tips to keep it in the best shape.

Summer heat in Charlotte

Charlotte homeowners are no strangers to scorching summers. And with temperatures consistently in the nineties, it looks like this year will be no different. Before you step outside, you can protect your skin by applying sunscreen. But what about your roof? Constant sunlight bearing down on the roof eventually has an impact. You may notice that shingles have begun to crack, split, and curl on your roof. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your roof intact during summer. Roof King offers options to fit each home’s heat protection needs. Whether it’s a roof coating, or a new aluminum roof that reflects the sun’s rays, we’ve got you covered.

Humidity effects on roofs

High temperatures are one thing, but when you combine them with moisture in the air, you can face some real issues. This is especially a problem in the Charlotte area, where ninety degree scorchers and thunderstorms go hand in hand. When hot days and moisture-heavy air get together, you get high humidity. And where there’s humidity, you can expect some roof damage. Excess humidity can cause roof leaks, which can spell disaster for your home’s interior. Also, humidity is directly related to mold and mildew growth in your home, and this holds true for the roof as well. If your roof hasn’t been treated for humidity, call Roof King. Our roofing experts will make sure you have the best waterproof materials, as well as the proper ventilation to keep moisture from settling on your roof.

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Updated April 25, 2019

Synthetic Roof Materials & Their Durability

Synthetic roof shingle materials are a great option for those who live North Carolina! The heat, sea, rain and snow all take a toll on one’s roof. For those reasons, a synthetic roof, like those offered from Brava Roof Tile, are a great option due to their durability. Now, you may ask, what is a synthetic roof? A synthetic roof from Brava is made up of 100% recycled high quality plastic. This means that it is very durable and will not easily let in water, and is better for the environment! Because this type of material does not let in water like asphalt or natural tiles do, it lasts much longer and requires far less maintenance.

Different Shingle Style

Synthetic roof shingles & tiles are typically offered in three styles: shake, barrel tile, and slate. Each has its own advantages over its natural counterpart, but all are able to offer an authentic look with unrivaled performance. They are also a great eco-friendly option since those from Brava are made from recycled material, and can be completely recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Low Maintenance Roofing Choice

Synthetic shake tiles are able to offer a great look that mimics that of real shake. However, where natural shake needs a lot of maintenance, synthetic materials do not. The plastic material does not allow in the same kind of moisture that natural wooden shake does, so it does not grow mold and such. Natural shake also comes in limited colors, but synthetic shake from Brava can come in any color you can imagine! Another positive to choosing synthetic shake is the lifetime is 50+ years, and natural shake is only 20-25.

A Better Shingle Alternative

Similarly, synthetic slate is a great alternative to natural slate. The main factor is that synthetic slate is much lighter than its counterpart so it does not need additional support to be installed. Synthetic slate is also available in a multitude of colors, whereas natural slate is very limited and rarely has the variegation that synthetic offers. For this option, both synthetic slate and natural slate have lifespans of 50+ years, but natural slate does require routine maintenance that synthetic does not.

A Better Looking Roof

Natural barrel tile is a unique roofing look, but is only enhanced by switching to synthetic barrel tile. Synthetic barrel tile is very light compared to the natural counterpart and does not require additional support when being installed or repaired, just like with the slate options. Synthetic barrel tile can also come in a wide variety of colors and variations. This is where synthetic offers a better look than natural, since natural clay is only formed in a few colors and is hard to find some that is variegated. Another aspect to consider is lifespan. Natural clay barrel tile’s lifespan is between 20-30 years depending on how well it is maintained. On the other hand, synthetic barrel tile’s lifespan is 50+ years and requires little to no maintenance!

Overall, synthetic roof products are a great way to switch to an eco-friendly, durable roofing product without sacrificing the look of your roof. If you want more information or need a roof replacement contact Roof King!

Summer is well on its way in Charlotte, which means it won’t be long before we experience frequent thunderstorms in the area. And proper preparation is essential to ensure your home stays safe and comfortable throughout the season. Here are Roof King’s tips to prepare your roof for summer storms.

Prepare your roof for summer storms

Heavy wind and rain from a severe thunderstorm can cause extensive damage to your roof. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to lessen the storm’s toll on your home. The first step is to inspect the trees around your property. Severe thunderstorms can cause large branches, or even entire trees, to fall on the roof of your home. Needless to say, this can completely destroy your roof, so it’s important to trim back any branches near the house and remove any dead limbs. Also, clean out your gutters. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, twigs and debris, they won’t be able to handle the heavy rainfall of a summer storm. This can cause serious damage to your roof and the rest of your home.

After the storm

Once the thunderstorm has left your area, it’s important to assess any damage it caused. Check to make sure that all shingles are still in place. If some have been blown away, check to see that the rubber membrane underneath is still intact. If you have any skylights, domes or solar panels, inspect them to make sure they’re not cracked or broken. In addition, make sure that water isn’t collecting and creating puddles in any flat areas of the roof. Finally, find a safe place to scan your yard for any tree limbs that have been cracked and are on their way to falling down.

Charlotte roof repair from Roof King

If your roof has been damaged in a thunderstorm this spring or summer, you’ll need professional repair. No matter what the damage is, Roof King has you covered. We provide the best roof repair and replacement services in Charlotte, and will make sure your roof is prepared for the next big storm. And our services don’t stop there. Whether you have broken solar panels, windows or gutters, we have the expertise you need for quality home repair.

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Updated April 19, 2019

Spring is here, which means it’s time for a little spring cleaning on your roof. Do you know what to look for when performing spring roof maintenance? Follow these 4 tips from Roof King to keep your roof in peak condition this season.

1. Use your leaf blower

After the melting snow and spring rain showers have taken their toll, your roof will have been exposed to plenty of moisture. When this moisture gets trapped under leaves, serious water damage can occur. Use your leaf blower, or carefully rake leaves off the roof to keep the shingles intact.

2. Check your gutters

Gutter cleaning and inspection are essential parts of preparing your home for spring and summer. Clean out all the leaves from last Fall and other debris that has collected so that water can drain easily out of the gutters. In addition, check the sturdiness of the gutter system, and repair any loose or damaged components.

Faulty gutters can lead to water damage in the roof from standing water in the gutters or your home’s siding due to improper drainage. It is best to fix the problem early on to avoid headache down the road!

3. Inspect for mold or mildew

Mold and mildew are common for residential roofs in Charlotte, and they can cause extensive damage. If you notice strange colored splotches or moss on your shingles, there’s a good chance that mold and algae have made a home as well. Call Roof King for professional cleaning to rid your roof of mold.

4. Spring roof maintenance from Roof King

At the end of the day, there’s no better way to care for your roof than with professional roofing service from Roof King. Our expert staff is filled with Carolina natives, so we know exactly what homes in our area experience and how to address your roofing needs. Whether it’s gutter cleaning, shingle repairs, or roof replacements, Roof King has you covered. That’s a promise.

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