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Founder of Roof King

I’m a young highly motivated entrepreneur with a finance and construction background. Being a business owner has helped me understand our changing marketplace and customers needs. Marketing is my strong point as I have led companies to very successful track records. Staying a constant student of the game allows me to remain one step ahead of my competitors. My biggest asset is the ability to be a leader and overcome obstacles. This tool has allowed me to build successful teams that share the same passion to win. Surrounding yourself with the right people is crucial when going for a championship.

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Fun fact: He’s played guitar since he was nine years old and was captain of the debate team in high school.
He wants to be the best in the business – a master of our craft. He wants to turn Roof King into one of the biggest roofing companies in the Carolinas. Through all this he hopes to become a way better business man and leader. He wants to ultimately be in a position where he can change people’s lives with roofing. If he’s not Zooming, he’s watching the NBA (he’s a diehard NBA fan) or out for a run.

Born and raised in Germany, Robert expanded his culinary experience after finishing his successful career as a professional hockey goalie in Germany. He travelled around the World as an Executive Chef for the love of cooking and eating healthy. Eating and cooking healthy is not only about fresh products it is also about utilizing clean and safe drinking water, which is today’s day and age is manmade. Being raised in Germany and Italy he is also is a big believer in helping people, after the career change in 2000 to the construction world, Robert found his new passion – Home Improvement. His goal is to educate homeowners about right from wrong. Many contractors are out there, are to make a quick buck and do not care about the homeowner. His mission is to educate the homeowner on the many options they have for a project and to ensure they will receive the right product for the right price. 100% Satisfaction to a fair price is his goal.

Ashley Ellis is our new production manager. She is an ECU Pirate graduate and will be finishing up her MA in Communication from East Carolina in May of 2020. She remains active in the East Carolina community working with faculty to continue to grow and develop their distance education program and is also employed by East Carolina as a part time graduate assistant. Ashley is new to the construction industry but has a passion and belief that quality communication and customer service skills are the key ingredient to all successful business endeavors. Her husband also works in the industry on the distribution side and they share a fun-loving, full of personality four year old daughter. Ashley is loving all she has learned about the industry while managing production at our company and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to manage and  coordinate all aspects of business concerning our crews, distributors, employees and customers.