We’ve already seen our first snowfalls of the season throughout North Carolina, and more winter weather is sure to be on its way. And while it’s never good to have a roof leak, there’s probably no worse time for this to happen than during wintry conditions. So why is your roof leaking this winter, and how can you stop it? Roof King has the answers.

How to tell if your roof is leaking in Charlotte

In order to stop a roof leak, you have to be able to spot it quickly. The most obvious sign is dripping water. If you can physically see water dripping in your home, the roof is leaking. In addition, look for water stains on the ceilings in your home. Finally, be wary of mold growth. Mold and mildew are both indicators of a leaking roof.

Roof leak due to ice jam in Raleigh

So, you’ve determined that your roof is leaking. But why is this happening? Well, roof leaks can happen for various reasons. However, a roof leak in winter is more than likely due to an ice dam. Ice dams occur after winter storms. A large layer of ice forms near the gutter, creating a natural dam that prevents melting snow from draining off the roof. The water then moves underneath the shingles and into the home.

Professional roof maintenance from Roof King

Fortunately, ice dams are manageable. For starters, improved insulation can reduce the likelihood of ice dams. If your attic is too warm, it will heat the roof, causing snow to melt faster and pool up behind the ice. Also, quality shingles, flashing and sealant on the roof exterior can make a big difference in how much water leaks through. No matter what the issue is, Roof King has you covered. Our professional roofing experts will make sure your home is equipped with the right materials to keep it warm and dry all winter long in the Piedmont.

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