Protect Your Roof from Snow This Winter in Charlotte, NC

Winter is here, which means snow and icy conditions will soon be on their way. It’s important to protect your roof as winter storms can cause severe damage. Professional roof inspection from Roof King will prepare your home for the worst weather of the season.

Effects of snow on Charlotte roofs

We see our fair share of snow and sleet in the Charlotte area, and that can wear roofs down over time. However, a single blizzard can have devastating effects on a roof that hasn’t been prepared for winter weather. Unfortunately for North Carolina homeowners, state building codes do not require ice and water shielding to be installed in residential roofs. This leaves them vulnerable to heavy precipitation that can cause significant damage. Vents, chimneys, valleys and low-pitched areas all can be subject to leaking without the proper water shielding.

Winter roof inspection from Roof King

At Roof King, we perform thorough roof inspections to identify any weaknesses that could potentially cause problems for your home. This allows our technicians to provide the best roofing solutions for you and your family. Dents in soft metals and shingles are clear indicators that the outer layer has suffered through hail storms. Water can be an issue even when temperatures aren’t freezing. In addition to water shielding, North Carolina code doesn’t require drip edge. This leaves homes exposed to sideways wind and rain, another major cause of leaks. We know that roofs need more protection than what state code requires. Whether it’s drip edge, water shield or a full roof replacement, we have all your roofing needs covered this winter.

Don’t wait until a snowstorm hits the Charlotte area to think about protecting your roof. Call Roof King to schedule your winter roof inspection today!

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