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Hurricane Matthew Effects on Charlotte, NC, Roofs | Roof King

Hurricane Matthew was one of the largest tropical storms in a decade, and although Charlotte isn’t on the coast, many local residents have felt its effects. Our location in the Piedmont has protected us from much of the flooding that devastated the coastal region of North Carolina, but homes in the Charlotte area have not gone undamaged. In particular, roofs likely bore the brunt of Matthew’s wrath on residential areas.

Hurricane Matthew Damages Charlotte Roofs

Hurricane Matthew’s estimated financial toll is over $4 billion, and much of that is due to residential damage of homes and roofs. The effects of the category 4 storm are unmistakable in our communities. Creeks and rivers have flooded while wind damage has changed much of the landscape. The extreme rainfall has caused roofs to partially collapse or leak, which leads to additional damage of walls and floors. Gusts of wind upwards of 40 miles per hour have knocked over or uprooted giant trees and shrubbery, creating perfect conditions for roof damage.

Prevent Hurricane Roof Damage With Roof King

Although the worst of Hurricane Matthew is over, precautions should still be taken. Hurricane season 2016 lasts through November 30, allowing plenty of time for another destructive tropical storm to sweep through North Carolina. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare your home for natural disasters and minimize damage. Loose tiles and shingles should be replaced, as they signify areas of the roof that are prone to leaking. Installing metal straps on a roof can reduce its chance of being torn off the home by a cyclone. In addition, proper landscaping will remove any dead tree limbs or shrubbery that may come crashing through the roof.

Roof Repair & Inspection By Roof King

As longtime Charlotte natives, we know just how catastrophic roof damage can be. If your home has been damaged by Hurricane Matthew, don’t despair. Our experienced team will repair your roof so that it’s better equipped to last through any other tropical storms. We’ll also inspect your home to identify any areas where storm damage is likely to occur and make the necessary improvements. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is better prepared for whatever nature throws its way. Call Roof King for service today.

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