Florence roof damage repair in North Carolina

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season in Charlotte, NC

The 2016 hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30, which means there’s still plenty time for major tropical storms to develop. Although Charlotte isn’t on the coast, area residents know all too well that our state’s location on the eastern seaboard makes us a prime target for devastating storms and flooding. The team at Roof King are longtime Charlotte natives, so we know just how important preparation is to endure the season. Read on to see what you can do to protect your home from hurricanes.

Storm-proof your Charlotte home’s exterior

There are numerous ways that you can ready your home for the extreme winds and rain caused by hurricanes. Your roof is likely to be one of the most affected elements of your home. Loose tiles or shingles may signal the need for roof repair, as they can indicate potential leak-prone areas, which can result in roofs collapsing. Metal straps can be installed to reduce the chance of the roof being torn off by cyclones. All windows and doors should be properly caulked and sealed, and carports and garages should be assessed for strength and durability, as they can potentially be ripped off of the home.

Check the yard and HVAC system

After the home has been thoroughly examined, survey the landscape around it. Your yard is filled with natural and manmade objects that can become highly destructive if caught in hurricane force winds. Have any dead tree or shrubbery limbs cut down, as they’re known to cause extensive home damage. Put any lawn furniture or free-standing structures into storage so they don’t get thrown at your house during a storm. Finally, turn off the circuit breaker to your HVAC system and cover all outdoor equipment with a tarp or some protective material. When the storm subsides, it’s crucial to your family’s safety to have clean, comfortable indoor air.

At Roof King, we know how to prepare Charlotte, NC homes for hurricane season. Our services will ensure that your home is able to weather the storm. Call us to schedule a home inspection today!

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