storm season

Storm Season Is Here!

Combat the storm season this Spring with a FREE inspection!

Over the past 2 weeks, the team here at Roof King has experienced some pretty heavy rain, wind, thunder, and lightning – and it’s only just begun. With the Spring storm season about half way through, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with many homeowners about how the weather is affecting their home. The weather last week has caused some major issues that we think everyone should be aware of:

For starters, we are seeing a larger number of old shingles cracking, exposing your roof to the elements. This can be extremely dangerous to the structure of your home because rain can begin to rot the wood and form mold. The heavy rain is also causing gutter systems to work at full capacity to divert rain away from the home, but sticks and leaves are clogging them up. When water can’t be re-routed through your gutters, it builds up directly around your home instead of flowing away from it. We’ve also seen a few cases of cracked siding and windows, allowing yet another passage for the rain to infiltrate your home.

The worst part about this damage is that it doesn’t always provide a noticeable threat to the naked eye. Your roof could have a leak that allows water to soak the wooden structure, but you would never know unless you have a thorough roof inspection conducted. Same with your siding – it could have cracks that may be hard to see but can still allow rain to seep through.
This is where Roof King comes in – we are offering


for our neighbors here in Charlotte & surrounding areas. That’s right, we’ll come inspect your home for any damage at NO cost, giving you peace of mind this storm season for when the next storm rolls through. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!


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